Bruxism Among Signs Of Stress Not To Ignore.

For many of us, stress is just a byproduct of our everyday lives that we’ve learned to cope with, but it’s important to deal with and resolve the causes of stress, because when left unchecked, stress can trigger mood disorders that can affect our mental health. According to Tim Hipgrave, Nuffield Health‘s emotional health lead, emotional stress can manifest itself in telltale ways, many of them physical. Read on for six physical signs that your mental and emotional health may be buckling under the strain.Continue reading “Bruxism Among Signs Of Stress Not To Ignore.”

It’s Almost the End of the Year, Have You Seen Your Dentist?

Whether we enjoy it or not, 2017 is more than halfway over. Fall is here and 2018 is upon us. Maybe you have been too busy to stop by our Zionsville, IN dental office at least one time,
that is really bad news for your oral health and smile, because you are missing out on all the great things we can do to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy. Continue reading “It’s Almost the End of the Year, Have You Seen Your Dentist?”

Presidential Dental Health

From the myth about President George Washington’s wooden dentures to the alien conspiracy theory surrounding President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s emergency crown, commanders in chief have quite the history with their teeth. Here are three more fascinating facts about past presidents and their connections to dental health. Continue reading “Presidential Dental Health”

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