Has dental treatment been hard or upsetting for you?  Many of our patients have memories of rough dental treatment as a child, or when the dentist went ahead with treatment when they were not numb, or other difficulties in the dental chair.  Memories like this can make it almost impossible to endure dental treatment and so may people put off necessary care.  Unfortunately, neglecting your dental treatment only complicates options and usually increases your costs.

Luckily with modern sedation dentistry techniques, we can break the cycle and earn your trust.  Once you’ve experienced sedation dentistry with Dr. Combs, you will not be afraid to go to the dentist again.  There are many benefits:  Relief of dental anxiety, little to no memory of the visit, procedures lasting hours seem to pass in minutes, and combination of several visits into one are just some of the many benefits from choosing this option for your cosmetic treatment, gum disease, root canal, dental implant, or general dentistry treatment.  It is also very safe because we have the option to reverse the effects at anytime.  We are also monitoring your vitals during the entire procedure.

Sedation dentistry helps to make you feel relaxed, very sleepy and indifferent to the dental work you are undergoing.  Most people have little to no memory of their dental procedures while under sedation.  While you are sedated you have the option to just relax or you can listen to personalized music with headphones to avoid even hearing your dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry techniques allow us to do dental work that would normally take months in just one or two visits.  This fast and easy solution is particularly appealing to people with extremely busy schedules, who might not otherwise be able to fit multiple dental appointments into their calendar.  Call us today for an appointment to ease your dental fears.

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